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  • The Last Bonfire?

    Date posted: Monday 16th April 2018

    The Last Bonfire?

    Don't do this!

    You’re probably as sick of reading messages about bonfires as we are of writing them. But no matter how often we send messages, there are some plotholders who continue to ignore them.

    Although the rain of the past few days will have deterred any sensible plotholder, it’s possible that the imminence of April 1st (this Sunday), after which bonfires are no longer allowed on plots, will persuade some plotholders that a bonfire on Saturday would be a good idea. It isn’t! Don’t! Any bonfire now would produce far too much smoke.

    You might think it unlikely that anyone could be contemplating a bonfire tomorrow, but judging by our experience it isn’t…

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  • Community Plot Proposal

    Date posted: Monday 16th April 2018

    Community Plot Proposal

    We have been approached by a couple of officers from the Hampton Wick Community Policing team, Nick Cheadle and David Auld, who are very keen to take on a plot for community use.

    They wish to provide disadvantaged members of the Hampton Wick community, who are currently unemployed or isolated in flats, with an outlet to improve their health and welfare.

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  • Hampton Wick Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) visits RPA

    Date posted: Tuesday 20th March 2018

    Hampton Wick Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) visits RPA

    The café welcomed three new visitors on Sunday 11th March.
    PCSO David Auld and PC Nick Cheadle of the Hampton Wick SNT, together with their Teddington SNT colleague, PC Brice Scott Jones came along to explain the role of the SNT and how we might contact them directly if needed.

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  • Mike Vesey’s 20 Questions Quiz

    Date posted: Sunday 18th March 2018

    Mike Vesey’s 20 Questions Quiz

    Against all odds, the quiz went ahead in the café this morning. At 11.45 we decided to cancel as only a few stalwarts had made it, but when a few more people turned up and injected some enthusiasm, the competitive spirit took over and we started.

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  • Seedy Sunday - report

    Date posted: Wednesday 7th March 2018

    Seedy Sunday - report

    A hardy Seedy Sunday team, Ruth, David and I braved a bitterly cold but sunny morning outside the Seed Store. On offer were donated seeds plus coppiced hazel beanpoles and peasticks cut by Andrew Saunders. Among conversation topics were advice on seed varieties, viability testing and how to keep warm in near arctic temperatures!

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  • Plotholders’ Question Time - report

    Date posted: Tuesday 13th February 2018

    Plotholders’ Question Time - report

    PQT audience

    Another packed house for our third annual Plotholders’ Question Time held this year on 28th January, to hear panellists Liz Rigge, Ruth Walker and Len Cowking answer questions ranging from veg growing success to crop rotation, how to avoid tomato blight and the unsocial after-effects of Jerusalem artichokes, seed or Root trainers, weed disposal best potato varieties, veg for a shady shed side and what to do about woodlice! This is a mash-up summary of some of the key points made by our illustrious panel, with help from the audience:

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  • RPA Tea Towels and Bags back by popular demand

    Date posted: Friday 8th December 2017

    RPA Tea Towels and Bags back by popular demand


    **We have reordered the very popular RPA tea towels and bags that were originally on sale in 2010, designed by our very own Sue Croft (now an ex plot holder who has moved away).h4. Your title here…

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  • Max's Comfrey fertiliser for free

    Date posted: Tuesday 21st November 2017

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  • Thanks to Bethan

    Date posted: Friday 27th October 2017

    Thanks to Bethan

    Seedstore Café dwellers have been pleased to see Bethan Griffiths’ delightful new ‘tree of plenty’ themed mural bringing the south wall to life; artwork which reflects Bethan being a well seasoned allotmenter …as well as a star baker! Nick Baylis gave our thanks and presented her with a thank you card, with a contribution towards her forthcoming school trip.

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