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  • Tawny Owl nest boxes

    Date posted: Wednesday 24th May 2017

    Tawny Owl nest boxes

    There are now two des res tawny owl nest boxes up in the trees adjoining our site, on the NW side!

    On 23 May Matt Steinmann, Royal Parks Arboricultural Officer (with dog, Peg) and Romain Boudot and George Hobson, from ATC (Tree Care and Conservation) came along to install the boxes, coated with three layers of preservative by David Harnden.

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  • Report: Fruit Pruning Workshop 12.02.17 Richard Read

    Date posted: Friday 10th March 2017

    Report: Fruit Pruning Workshop 12.02.17 Richard Read


    Richard began by saying that allotments were prone to the spread of viruses and aphids, like catching a cold! He recommends always acquiring clean plants, fruit trees and bushes from accredited nurseries and plant suppliers to avoid infection. Viruses weaken plants – eg if yellow spots occur on raspberries dig out and replace, looking for good varieties for early, mid or late cropping such as ‘Joan J’.

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  • Report: Seedy Sunday 26/2/2017

    Date posted: Wednesday 1st March 2017

    Report: Seedy Sunday 26/2/2017

    It didn’t rain! Despite overcast skies and a cool breeze there was a steady stream of browsers and buyers for a variety of donated seeds and for the bundles of hazel poles and peasticks, cut by Andrew Saunders from the hazel coppice on plot 17 – they proved a popular buy.

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  • Reporting recent break-ins

    Date posted: Tuesday 28th February 2017

    Reporting recent break-ins

    A large number of sheds were broken into on the evening of Tuesday 21st February and locks and doors damaged.

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  • A warning from Doris

    Date posted: Monday 27th February 2017

    A warning from Doris

    It’s no fun having your shed blown over or your children’s toys blown over and damaged.

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  • Good turnout for 'Plotholders' Question Time'

    Date posted: Monday 6th February 2017

    Good turnout for 'Plotholders' Question Time'

    The panel comprising: Liz and Gray Rigge, Jon Tarlton and Dan Read

    We had a good turnout for ‘Plotholders’ Question Time’ on Sunday 29 Jan, with the audience keeping the panel on their toes. The panel answered a range of questions…

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  • Water Quality Survey - Your Help Needed

    Date posted: Saturday 21st January 2017

    Water Quality Survey - Your Help Needed

    RPA pumps

    Over the past 3 years, Martin Dawson (plots 166f and 167f) has been collecting water quality data from our pumps to see how markers of inorganic and organic pollution vary across the site. This is a study that he is conducting with the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology and is part of wider analysis on the impact of Urban Development on Water Quality in the Thames Basin.

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  • Caring for our pumps through the winter

    Date posted: Saturday 22nd October 2016

    During the first week of November the pumps will be put to bed for the winter and pump team will go into semi-hibernation.

    Now is the time for plotholders to top up their tanks thus ensuring that there is plenty of clean water for us to fire up the pumps again next spring.

    Please do not interfere with the protective covers once they are in place.

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  • Grass snakes

    Date posted: Wednesday 12th October 2016

    Grass snakes

    A grass snake has recently been found on our allotments. These snakes are completely harmless.

    Grass snakes will use compost heaps or piles of undisturbed plant matter to hibernate (usually October/November to March/April).

    If you find one on your plot do not disturb it. If you think you have seen a grass snake on your or a neighbouring plot, please inform a member of the Plotholders’ Committee.

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