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Water Quality Survey - Your Help Needed

Date posted: Saturday 21st January 2017

Water Quality Survey - Your Help Needed

RPA pumps

Over the past 3 years, Martin Dawson (plots 166f and 167f) has been collecting water quality data from our pumps to see how markers of inorganic and organic pollution vary across the site. This is a study that he is conducting with the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology and is part of wider analysis on the impact of Urban Development on Water Quality in the Thames Basin.
Martin says that “Our preliminary analysis shows that the water quality in the aquifer feeding the pumps is good, and certainly cleaner than the adjacent River Thames, but that there are marked (and systematic) variations between samples obtained from different pumps. At this stage we are uncertain of the causes, but think they are related to how much individual pumps are used and, possibly, how much fertiliser (e.g. manure) is being used near to the pumps.”
The study is of scientific interest and Martin hopes it will lead to a Journal paper. The results will also be of general interest to all plotholders and may well provide useful information for the pump team, such as rates of usage.
We would be very grateful if you could answer the questions in the online survey (please click on this link, Royal Paddocks Allotment Water Quality Survey). There are only 5 questions so it will be easy to complete. One of the questions asks which pumps you use, so take a look at the map above and make a note of the number of the pump that you use. Please take part in the survey. The more people who respond, the better the data and the better the information we have on pump usage and water quality.

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