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Good turnout for 'Plotholders' Question Time'

Date posted: Monday 6th February 2017

Good turnout for 'Plotholders' Question Time'

The panel comprising: Liz and Gray Rigge, Jon Tarlton and Dan Read

We had a good turnout for ‘Plotholders’ Question Time’ on Sunday 29 Jan, with the audience keeping the panel on their toes. Liz and Gray Rigge, Jon Tarlton and Dan Read adeptly answered a range of questions, from where and how to start as new plotholders – hoeing and watering are priorities for the Rigges and sales of Wilkinson’s Swoe will probably fly off the shelves after Gray revealed this tool as his secret weapon! – to how to make and use organic fertilisers, production of home grown nemotodes and secrets of successful celeriac and Florence fennel. The use of mikes meant that everyone was clearly heard and we’re already thinking of trying out another one in the summer, under cover from the hot sun!

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