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Mike Vesey’s 20 Questions Quiz

Date posted: Sunday 18th March 2018

Mike Vesey’s 20 Questions Quiz

Against all odds, the quiz went ahead in the café this morning. At 11.45 we decided to cancel as only a few stalwarts had made it, but when a few more people turned up and injected some enthusiasm, the competitive spirit took over and we started. There were 7 teams, and to hear the hush in the café as they debated the answers quietly was fascinating and a great contrast to the usual hubbub in there. Mick Vesey’s quiz was easy when you knew the answers (vegetables, fruit or herbs) but a bit fiendish, with a sense of humour injected. Only one person tried to get away with using his phone!

Dan Read’s family team won in the end, with a grand total of 12.5/20, so they went away with the trophy bottle of red wine. Well done to them, and to the café team for providing warmth, hot drinks, cakes and a great atmosphere on a bitter cold day of March snow!

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