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The Last Bonfire?

Date posted: Monday 16th April 2018

The Last Bonfire?

Don't do this!

You’re probably as sick of reading messages about bonfires as we are of writing them. But no matter how often we send messages, there are some plotholders who continue to ignore them.

Although the rain of the past few days will have deterred any sensible plotholder, it’s possible that the imminence of April 1st (this Sunday), after which bonfires are no longer allowed on plots, will persuade some plotholders that a bonfire on Saturday would be a good idea. It isn’t! Don’t! Any bonfire now would produce far too much smoke.

You might think it unlikely that anyone could be contemplating a bonfire tomorrow, but judging by our experience it isn’t. Just a week ago, after another period of wet weather, someone lit a bonfire that caused so much smoke that cars on the other side of the wall were forced to slow down almost to a stop. Smoky bonfires aren’t just a nuisance to our neighbours – although that is bad enough – but they are a danger when the smoke is reducing visibility on the roads.

The plotholders committee is considering what to do about this problem. We will have to talk with Richmond Council, as anything we come up with will have to fit in with the Council’s long-term policies. One option under serious consideration is a total ban on bonfires on plots at any time of year. It may be just a few plotholders who are ignoring our pleas to burn only dry, organic material that cannot be composted, but it only takes one smoky bonfire causing a traffic accident for us to be facing serious problems.

The incinerator will remain available for plotholder use – please follow the same rules (dry, organic, non-compostable) and don’t use it when matches or functions are in progress at the Cricket Club.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please get in touch with us via email or drop a note in the letter box in the shed by the gate.

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