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Royal Paddocks Allotments ‘Tracks’ – Repair and Maintenance Project 2019

Date posted: Friday 4th January 2019

Royal Paddocks Allotments ‘Tracks’ – Repair and Maintenance Project 2019

What to do about the Tracks?

A frequent item at Committee meetings has long been the maintenance of our tracks. There have been many attempts by volunteers to improve the rutted surfaces – essentially by tipping in and pounding coarse grade crushed limestone to make level. Not easy. Even the delivery of the material has been problematic, involving craning bulk bags over the wall and then wheelbarrowing as needed.

You will have noticed that around the entrance area there has been a lot of ‘ponding’. This has meant that those on foot have needed to walk on the adjoining plots, and the route has become hazardous for cyclists. In addition to washing puddle water onto the adjoining plots, cars have even been seen to drive over the verge. Elsewhere the tracks have become increasingly pitted and precarious for all users.

Opinions are divided over the merits of allowing cars on site, but we feel that standards of the tracks need to be improved for all our benefit. With this in mind we have sought the advice and quotes from three contracting firms, which have produced estimates for three differing levels of work – from ‘make do and mend’ to a full works type specification, across the whole site, similar to the tracks around Bushy Park. The latter option has been ruled out on the grounds of cost, as this would come to more than £80,000. Reserves that we don’t have!

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