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Pedestrian diversion to avoid road works

Date posted: Wednesday 20th March 2019

The work on the roads and gates is starting and there is a diversion in place to steer plotholders away from the danger area.

As you enter the allotments through the pedestrian gate, you need to turn right (rather than going straight on) once past the shed, and then turn left and walk along the path between plots 78 and 79. Please take care not to step on the plots. The route is signposted and there is an explanatory poster on the side of the shed.

Once the work is completed, please could everyone remember that when you order something to be delivered to the allotments, you should warn the company involved that large vehicles should NOT be used. An Adrian Hall lorry got stuck last week, a second lorry was sent to help it get out (unsuccessfully – it took the combined efforts of several plotholders to free it), the ground was churned up in several places, etc. Please tell the company to use a small vehicle. If this is not possible, then any large vehicle should be unloaded by the entrance gates and the delivery taken by wheelbarrow to the plot. If any plotholder has problems, please contact the committee and we will see what we can do to help.

Plotholders Committee
March 2019

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