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Vehicle Gates Open Again

Date posted: Sunday 14th April 2019

The vehicle gates will be open once more from Saturday 13th April onwards, as the road works are complete. Thank you all for your patience. As you will see, the roads are now in a much better state than they have been for years.

PLEASE keep your speed down to 5 mph if you are driving a motor vehicle on the allotments: there are children about, plus unwary plotholders thinking about their plots rather than traffic. The better roads will make it easier to drive faster, so please make a conscious effort to keep your speed below 5 mph.

Apart from safety, we need to protect the new road. There were a number of reasons for choosing the chippings surface – including cost, drainage and appearance – but obviously it is not as hard-wearing as a tarmac road. After some time we will need to add more chippings to maintain the surface, and slow and careful driving will help to prolong the life of the new road as long as possible. If you have anything delivered to the allotments, please tell the suppliers not to use a large lorry.

A big thank you to those plotholders who worked so hard to make this happen. Nick Baylis and Gill Hiley put in many hours in getting and evaluating the various proposals and bids from the contractors and agreeing the terms. And once the work started, John Hourigan and Gray Rigge were on site every day to liaise with the workmen, sort out any problems and check on progress. The time and trouble taken by these four plotholders is greatly appreciated. And now the vehicle gates are in operation once more, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Ashley Catto and his team, who unlock and lock them each day.

Plotholders Committee
April 2019

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