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Allotments Nature Blog by Jenny Bourne

  • Spring is bustin' out....

    Date posted: Monday 27th February 2017

    Spring is bustin' out....

    The first queen bumblebee spotted last week clambouring around in my shed guttering, honeybees in the hellebores, crocuses and snowdrops and the first iris reticulata and ‘tete a tete’ narcissi out under my old apple tree – suddenly in the space of a couple of mild weeks it all starts!

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  • bumbarrels, dunnocks and signs of spring

    Date posted: Wednesday 8th February 2017

    bumbarrels,  dunnocks and signs of spring

    “A brief, high-pitched “see-see-see” sound, followed by the appearance of half-a-dozen tiny balls of fluff, each attached to what looks like a protruding stick. Then, more calls, as these flying lollipops flit from one tree to the next, pause, grab an invisible insect, and then move rapidly on.

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  • Happy Birthday, Blog!

    Date posted: Tuesday 31st January 2017

    Happy Birthday, Blog!

    Unbelievably it’s the third anniversary of this blog tomorrow (2nd Feb 2017)! Many many pictures of birds, bees, butterflies, flowers and allotment landscapes later and still as avid as ever about all things wildlife, the natural enviroment and all creatures great and small…!

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  • Green shoots, cold cold wet and fungus

    Date posted: Thursday 12th January 2017

    Green shoots, cold cold wet and fungus

    Green shoots beginning to push up from the soil and now this single clump of snowdrops is a harbinger of spring to come.. I originally put in several different snowdrop varieties but so far only this one has made a re-appearance! Unbelievably vile day today – cold, relentless rain and snow forecast, with Heathrow cancelling flights this afternoon, although so far it’s only the sound of rain that drumming on the roof above me!

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  • Auld Lang Syne

    Date posted: Saturday 31st December 2016

    Auld Lang Syne

    One small item of good news from the litany of loss and ‘unpresidented’ year’s events – some UK ash trees appear to have a natural resistance to ash die back, giving some hope in the natural world! At this time of year the park trees around the allotment site filter the low, winter sun through their bare branches and the recent heavy frost in Home and Bushy Park made a winter wonderland scene..

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  • Winter birds and old friends

    Date posted: Wednesday 21st December 2016

    Winter birds and old friends

    Yesterday morning a bright, cold early morning sun after what seems like days of drab, dull, mild and damp weather – what a contrast to the previous week of heavy hoar frost and ‘proper’ wintry days! But better for the ground foraging birds when they can actually penetrate the ‘earth stood hard as iron’ to get those worms and grubs…

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  • Frosty hips and heaps!

    Date posted: Thursday 1st December 2016

    Frosty hips and heaps!

    A heavy frost over the last two nights followed by bright sun all day yesterday! I went up early yesterday morning to feed the birds – as I walked my bike past a large holly bush a robin flew down and landed on my handlebars briefly, before darting off to my plot to wait for the first offerings! I love the way that, as soon as it’s had a quick meal, you get a melodious little song:

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  • November preparation, foraging and hunting

    Date posted: Monday 28th November 2016

    November preparation, foraging and hunting

    Several plots now have fresh heaps of manure ready for the next season and we’ve had a new delivery for communal use near the entry gates. This pile attracted several jackdaws the other day, busy flicking and picking through the heap for insects and other tasty bits…

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  • Dark days...

    Date posted: Wednesday 9th November 2016

    Dark days...

    Overwhelmed with shock, distress and anxiety at the USA Elections results – fearing immediately for the natural world – this is a man who I believe cares little for the frail, vulnerable and precious biodiversity and eco-systems of the natural world and everything for personal business opportunities and self-serving interests… Sorry, that’s my rant on this very dark day, literally and figuratively.. (disclaimer – this blog reflects only my own personal views!)

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  • Long Time No Blog!

    Date posted: Tuesday 11th October 2016

    Long Time No Blog!

    Been absent from blogging due to Autumn Social organising – all over now and a success, thanks to everyone who helped out and the sun appearing, after a very wet early morning! Large pumpkins weighed, Produce show winners pleased, bbq, beer tent, Raffle and even the Deputy Mayor in attendance to award the ‘Best in Show’ cup!

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  • Golden rod, sunset fly pasts and exotics

    Date posted: Wednesday 14th September 2016

    Golden rod, sunset fly pasts and exotics

    The self-seeding golden rod has been flowering for a while, full of visiting bees, wasps and the occasional butterfly…

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