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Long Time No Blog!

Date posted: Tuesday 11th October 2016

Long Time No Blog!

Been absent from blogging due to Autumn Social organising – all over now and a success, thanks to everyone who helped out and the sun appearing, after a very wet early morning! Large pumpkins weighed, Produce show winners pleased, bbq, beer tent, Raffle and even the Deputy Mayor in attendance to award the ‘Best in Show’ cup!

Meanwhile, great excitement in the last week as a grass snake was found entangled in netting on a plot in the NW of the site. Our intrepid Martin valiently managed to free it and it disappeared into the undergrowth. Good news for all nature lovers but not so much for us ophidiophobes – I hope it thrives but stays well away from me and the pond frogs!

My Bolivian cucumbers (achocha) won second prize in the cucurbits category at the Autumn Social and the fruits also seem to be ladybird magnets – almost each cucumber had at least one ladybird larva, some with two or three on them. Wonder why that is?

This T shaped moth was around during the day, not sure what it is! But this small white was around yesterday, enjoying the warm October sunshine bringing out the butterflies!

The ants are still busy milking the blackfly, these were on a red dahlia, so a dilemma as to whether to destroy the blackfly or let the ants get on with their husbandry!

Nasturtiums are prolific on my plot, still going strong until the first frosts do for them – and hosting yet more blackfly – but gorgeous colours to bring a touch of late autumn vivicity to the increasing bare earth as the veg are dug out…!