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Dark days...

Date posted: Wednesday 9th November 2016

Dark days...

Overwhelmed with shock, distress and anxiety at the USA Elections results – fearing immediately for the natural world – this is a man who I believe cares little for the frail, vulnerable and precious biodiversity and eco-systems of the natural world and everything for personal business opportunities and self-serving interests… Sorry, that’s my rant on this very dark day, literally and figuratively.. (disclaimer – this blog reflects only my own personal views!)

Frosty rose

Yesterday woke to a heavy frost and bright sun reflecting a positive election outcome, today dark skies and heavy rain. But hope springs eternal, I suppose and life goes on.. Out yesterday early to catch the frost on the plots before the melt. Standing under the apple tree watching ‘my’ robin pecking up it’s morning treat with a gentle soundtrack of drips from the branches like raindrops falling on my head! The day before it was enjoying a paddle..

Two or three small, pale breasted birds were flitting among the trees, with a distinctive, short call that I didn’t recognise – not reed buntings, not blackcaps or whitethroats.. not a good sharp image, either but they remained elusively hidden among the leaves..!

On a recent walk in Bushy Park, over beyond the golf course we watched a pair of stonechats, male and female darting around the ancient oak, catching flies on the hoof. There have been reports of stonechats on site several years ago, along with a tawny owl that has moved on and away. Fieldfares have been vocally flying over and I think I saw a redwing the other day, but not sure. Our wonderful ornamental cherry at the site entrance is a prime location for birds, after the luscious fruit..