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November preparation, foraging and hunting

Date posted: Monday 28th November 2016

November preparation, foraging and hunting

Several plots now have fresh heaps of manure ready for the next season and we’ve had a new delivery for communal use near the entry gates. This pile attracted several jackdaws the other day, busy flicking and picking through the heap for insects and other tasty bits:

Last week I gave a talk with powerpoint presentation: ‘Royal Paddock Allotments – a Year’and jackdaws and crows featured in the set of images of ‘Not so Welcome’ wildlife on our plots – they are such intelligent birds and will winkle out bean, pea, onion, garlic seedlings etc.. we now have to cover almost all our seedlings to keep the birds off. Plotholders have reported seeing pairs of corvids balancing on sweetcorn cobs on the plant, bouncing on them until they break off.. clever but annoying!

This slinky hunter made a visit to my plot this afternoon to check out the bird situation, quite unresponsive to me, totally focused on predatory matters!