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Spring is bustin' out....

Date posted: Monday 27th February 2017

Spring is bustin' out....

The first queen bumblebee spotted last week clambouring around in my shed guttering, honeybees in the hellebores, crocuses and snowdrops and the first iris reticulata and ‘tete a tete’ narcissi out under my old apple tree – suddenly in the space of a couple of mild weeks it all starts!

Last Wednesday’s weather bomb Storm Doris tore through the site, without too much damage apart from an upturned kiddies’ plastic slide and this small shed that evidently didn’t have enough heavy equipment inside!:

My near plot neighbour, Matt cleaned out his nestbox the other day – we have a (mostly!) friendly rivalry about who will get the first residents of the season; it’s usually Matt as his box is ideally sited on his designer style shed!

Boxes need to be cleaned out and replaced early in the year as they’re quickly investigated and taken up by our birds – generally great tits in our boxes. Interesting to compare the contents of Matt’s box and mine from last year – pink/purple spectrum wool obviously ‘de rigeur’!

It’s currently wet and I can hear what sound like hailstones on the roof so not the best day for going up t’plot! But now the magnolia buds are fattening up, the spring bulbs are opening out and the first almond and early cherry blossom is out in our suburban streets – can’t believe it’s almost March already and all to do coming up with seeds to be sown indoors, plot to be manured and dug and bird, bee and insect spotting to continue! Two weeks ago we saw an early tortoishell butterfly round the yellow gorse at Snettisham RSPB nature reserve, Norfolk, so not long to go before spring’s truly bustin’ out…!