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Nice weather for.....!

Date posted: Wednesday 17th May 2017

Nice weather for.....!

Rain at last! Decent amounts of the watery stuff now stair-rodding down for much of the day and last night..great! The ground feeders, thrushes, blackbirds, robins etc can now have a good stab at worms, snails etc and the nice, wet ground means the slugs will be slithering out in force after our seedlings! These two mallards appear to have adopted the site as their new des res, although I had to shoo them out of Flora’s pond last week – the female was gobbling down a large mouthful that looked suspiciously like one of the newts that have taken up residence in the pond.. my pond is full of tadpoles, or rather was until she got into it recently.. grrh!

Matt brought over this little fellow that may have been semi-torpid; it had appeared dead when Matt found it, rather dessicated but came to on the warmth of his hand.. A couple of years ago we had three newts in the pump water tank but none last year..

Both Matt and I have residents in our bird boxes, great tits in his and I’m pleased to discover blue tits in my box on the north facing side of the shed:

We’re planning to put up some examples of easy-to-make habitats for bees and other beneficial insects – bee posts etc. There is an excellent website for info about all things pollinators, by Marc Carlton: – the many different varieties of bees and their particular habitat requirements eg making sure that drilled holes are smooth so that wings aren’t damaged going in and out.. highly recommended website!

This female orange tip, along with other butterflies and bees was partial to my ever-flowering wallflower, Bowles’s Mauve – it hasn’t stopped flowering since last summer! And here’s a fab display of another food source that bees love – alliums on Jo and Andy’s plot: