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Date posted: Wednesday 28th June 2017


The hot weather has produced some amazing skyscapes, appreciated by those of us who’ve resorted to early in the morning and late in the evening watering to escape the full heat of the day over the past week or so. After the ‘scorchio’ temperatures and lack of rain (Heathrow 34.5o this time last week!) all change and Tuesday’s heavy rain means no more trudging to the pumps for a few days, at least! Matt caught on video a young robin having a quick bath in the holding tank, and possibly it was this same one grubbing about for live food in the dry, hard ground on my neighbour’s plot a couple of days ago!

Now good news for all the ground feeders and the swifts, swallows and martins can resume their aerial foraging, now the rain’s stopped!

These cinnabar moth caterpillars appeared on ragwort flowering by my old composter – although ragwort is harmful to horses it’s welcome on my plot for the cinnabars!

Now that the marjoram, nepeta, lavender, alliums etc are in full flower the bees, hoverflies and butterflies are prolific – it’s been a really good year for fruit and flowers so far and the insects have benefitted – garlic and last year’s onions are left to flower as they are so popular with bees, beetles et al!