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Arise ye starvelings..war and peace, remembrance, bees, season of mists and fungus

Date posted: Monday 6th November 2017

Arise ye starvelings..war and peace, remembrance, bees, season of mists and fungus


A hundred years ago today the Russian Revolution changed the international political landscape; not sure how the Kremlin will be celebrating or commemorating, but this Sunday we’ll be gathering again at the Hampton Wick War Memorial to remember all the lives lost in the world wars – war and peace but not enough of the latter! This late sweetpea is called ‘Scarlet Tunic’:

A misty winding down of the year, with the first frosts knocking back the dahlias, nasturtiums and shoo-fly plants and suddenly everything looking damp, bedraggled and ready for a good clear up.

But I leave most of the perennials for the small wildlife to use as over-wintering habitats; already ladybirds have been dropping out of marigolds as I’m pulling them up to prepare the veg beds..

The late flowering plants provide a boon for the bees and wasps and my cosmos is still looking lovely – but I still miss the thickly flowering ivy over the park wall that was alive with the buzzing of insects at the last chance nectar bar! Our front bed is also dying back, and the bee post is now in view again, after being obscured by the monster ‘King Kong’ sunflowers, planted by Lindsay and such a focal point, seen from the road, probably from space!

This bluey grey fungus appeared, I’ve positioned it against the dried French beans.. also the gills need to be seen for recognition by our fungus experts on the site!