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Weather galore, foxes and Season's Greetings

Date posted: Tuesday 19th December 2017

Weather galore, foxes and Season's Greetings

We’ve had the full met range over the past couple of weeks – heavy rain, hard night frosts and freezing mornings, mild, bright, clear sunny days – as usual the SE has escaped most of the snow experienced oop t’North, Wales and the Midlands! But last Sunday we did have a sudden snowstorm, just as Joanie, Gill and I were decorating the compost toilet ready for the Christmas Café on the 17th!

The fox and the birds have been checking everything out for edibles – competition for the berries, remaining fruit and anything dropped from the bird feeders on my plot!

This is the final blog posting for the year, so a very Happy Christmas to All and a profound hope that 2018 may see a greener, more hopeful year for the environment and for wildlife here and around the world, and perhaps, fingers crossed, the removal of that odious creep from the White House and all his ghastly cohorts! Meanwhile, Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All!