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Beast, tracks, duelling robins and crocuses!

Date posted: Wednesday 28th February 2018

Beast, tracks, duelling robins and crocuses!

The ‘Beast from the East’ has finally arrived – in the old days we just called it ‘winter’…!

Up this morning early and to the site for a quick reccy and intrigued to see the evidence of earlier visits right across the site.

Although our two resident site foxes are now very sadly no longer with us, the locals are obviously hopping over the walls for foraging opportunities. Flora’s pond is apparently being checked out for a skating rink:

And not to difficult to identify this one, waiting to see if there are any biscuit crumbs going.. So hard for the birds so hope everyone’s doing their bit to put out food and water!

Robin wars have broken out on my plots – I was trying to lure what I thought was ‘my’ robin plot onto my hand with suet pellets outside my shed on my back plot when a second one dived in and chased it off. It flew onto the composter on my front plot, claws buried in the snow and flew down to the ground where it eagerly began to peck up bird food, but not the suet pellets. The second robin then flew over to check out what the intruder was up to!

Less than two weeks ago the bees were emerging to forage the earliest spring flowers – memo to self to put out more crocuses in pots to keep the early supplies topped up..

Every time I go past this plot this patient hound catches my eye – very convincing..!