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Bluebell nest, whitethroat, damselflies and baggy trouser crows!

Date posted: Thursday 10th May 2018

Bluebell nest, whitethroat, damselflies and baggy trouser crows!

Latest news from my plot and the nest on the ground under the bluebell foliage – the robin is definitely feeding young! I’ve watched it as it flies into the nearby apple tree with a beakful of grubs, perching briefly on the low branches, dropping from branch to branch, then up to the pump bath, back to a branch before diving quickly down into the bluebell foliage. A few days ago I could swear I heard a tiny cracking from within the bluebells, possibly the chick breaking out of it’s egg. Anyway, fingers crossed that this misguided nest location does escape predation from rats and that there are fledging robins hopping about soon…

A whitethroat was singing lustily for several minutes at the top of the cherry by the front entrance bed, unfazed by my close presence. Wasn’t sure what it was until I looked at the photo in Photoshop and then the name says it all!

These large red damselflies were intent on egg laying, hovering over the pond and dipping into the water. Yesterday I spent a lovely time wandering around Thursley Common, a large area of heathland with sandy paths meandering through spruce, pine and silver birch and boardwalks alongside the marshes and ponds. Large double-winged dragonflies hovering overhead like helicopters and over the pond three hobbies swooping and soaring – such a wonderful natural environment only an hour’s drive up the A3!

I’m a fan of corvids – so intelligent although they’re the bane of vegetable growers with their predilection for winkling out your pea and bean seedlings and generally foraging what we’re trying to grow for our dinner table! This one was feeling the heat and beak open to cope with the high temperatures of earlier in the week. The crows have a swaggering, wide-legged walk, like that fashion look for boys with baggy jeans that always seem to be on the point of sliding down their hips!