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Six starlings, five jackdaws and a pheasant in a manure heap...!

Date posted: Wednesday 19th December 2018

Six starlings, five jackdaws and a pheasant in a manure heap...!

This recent visitor to the site is totally unperturbed by curious plotholders snapping pics, allowing us to come within touching distance as it pecks and forages around manure piles and under the bird feeder! Very much hoping that it’s survival instincts are still alert and functioning and that it won’t end up as a fox’s Christmas dinner!

The proposed native evergreen hedge alongside the beehive area is coming on apace. Andrew and Jem have now dug out all the brambles and been at work with mattocks to prepare the ground for planting later this winter – a mix of holly and pyracantha in a single row, spacing approx. 3 plants to a metre. In the meantime plotholders have been contributing woody cuttings and prunings to a temporary area to be moved into the dead hedge that’s been the barrier between the hives and the railings. This has mostly consisted of discarded Xmas trees but the woody cuttings are more effective, providing a tighter and more dense dead hedge.

An impressive pond has taken shape on Matt’s plot – a des res affair with clear water and attractive pond plants. It would certainly win ‘Best Pond’ if that became an annual inspections category!

A small flock of starlings was foraging this morning and the jackdaws have been busy working the plots – one industrious individual having a right go at getting under a groundsheet for the best fat worms!

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and let’s hope 2019 is more peaceful and enlightened year – Brexit, bah humbug!