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Renting a plot


There are more than 200 plots on the site. They vary in size slightly, but most measure about ten square rods or approximately 250 square metres. The soil is fertile and sandy. Water is supplied by means of hand-operated pumps.


Because we have no paid officials, rents have been kept surprisingly low. All tenants must be members of the Royal Paddocks Allotments Association and, after payment of an initial joining fee of £24, annual rent for a full plot is £24 and £12 for a half plot. According to the constitution, two members may share a full or half plot.



Royal Paddocks Allotments, line-drawing map



Waiting list


Our waiting list is currently open.


Owing to the continuing high demand for plots, only residents of South Teddington and Hampton Wick - the area prescribed in our Royal Warrant - will be accepted for the waiting list. The map below shows our catchment area.


Allotment catchment area


This ruling does not affect current plotholders. If you already have a plot, you are entitled to retain your tenancy, wherever you live.


As an existing tenant, can you apply for additional land? If you already have the equivalent of one or more full plots, you will NOT be allowed to put your name down for any more. But if you have a half plot, you WILL be able to join the waiting list for an additional half plot.


Anyone wishing to go on the waiting list - whether an existing tenant or not - should come in person to the site office (open on Sunday mornings 11.00-12.00), and if not already a plotholder show proof of residence (a current council tax or utility bill), and pay a deposit of £24. No postal or email applications will be accepted.


Plotholders' Committee
July 2018