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Frogspawn! Queen bumbles in the hellebores and Fascinating Aida

Date posted: Tuesday 18th February 2020

Frogspawn!  Queen bumbles in the hellebores and Fascinating Aida

Very envious of Flora’s pond, containing several large glistening clumps of frogspawn yesterday! The frogspawn in my pond usually arrives around 17/18 February but so far this year it’s a no show for mine…Flora says that the newts will probably get most of hers as her pond has several resident newts, though she wishes she had more frogs!

After Storm Dennis bringing yet more heavy rain and wild winds at the weekend – my rainwater gauge measured 35mm on Monday – it’s now merely breezy and overcast with some early morning sun. Yesterday while admiring the miniature woodland garden blooming under the apple tree I heard the unmistakable drone of a queen bumble and watched her foraging in the hellebores for several minutes – a whitetailed bumble. As the flowers droop modestly downwards it’s tricky to get a good picture so this may be a ‘Where’s the bee’ image!

The hellebores are looking lovely and bring a note of early spring cheer into what feels like a profoundly troubling and uncertain time of political life. If you want to read another eco-warrior’s very informative and comprehensive blog I can highly recommend the wonderful Dilly Keane (Fascinating Aida founder) – her blog is called, ‘Shit You Don’t Need’!

Off to Norfolk tomorrow for a few days of bracing weather, sea marsh walks and maybe a sighting or two or short eared owls, as well as the birds that choose this coast area for over-wintering and residence.