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Snow, goldcrests and harbingers of spring

Date posted: Tuesday 26th January 2021

Snow, goldcrests and harbingers of spring

A snow fall on Sunday morning, causing widespread excitement for everyone of us in lockdown who’s been finding these short days of dark, dull weather increasingly irksome. We went down to the plot to feed the birds as the flakes came swirling down, to discover a few others also taking photos and generally reverting to childhood excitement…!

The parks were busy with walkers, runners and snowmen builders, under grey skies that gave way yesterday to bright, clear blue skies and sun, raising the spirits for adults, children and dogs alike! Pingu, the little dog we walk for owner, Isi was fired up with enthusiasm for this new experience of white cold stuff on the ground and went crazy…! So, a few photos from the past two days, as now the weather’s turning milder, damper and rain in the air.

And meanwhile, snowdrops, hellebores, celandines and the first crocus up and out, shoots and catkins, buds burgeoning and all the signs of spring to come. Birds singing, a small flock of fieldfares spotted in Bushy Park and last week an exciting sighting of a pair of goldcrests in the Pheasantry woodland gardens, bouncing among the rhododendron bushes quite unperturbed by our near proximity!