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Farewell, then old incinerator, redwings, birdbath and Happy Valentine's Day!

Date posted: Sunday 14th February 2021

Farewell, then old incinerator, redwings, birdbath and Happy Valentine's Day!

So, farewell, then RPA incinerator, that’s stood here for many a year and provided the background for many Pumpkin competitions and awards presentations at the Autumn Social!

Not to mention the more prosaic role of burning (mostly!) dry, organic materials and providing an opportunity to make a fire, that seems to appeal to many folk! There’s been an EGM vote and an overwhelming number of plotholders have decided that we should invest in a newer model, the Proburn Midi that will be installed soon – to be used hopefully only for organic material that can’t be composted, dead hedged or disposed of in any other more environmentally friendly way. I for one will miss the old, brick built incinerator, more for look of it as I didn’t use it an awful lot. But it represents yet another part of our RPA site history that will shortly be replaced by a new, metal model that may be more efficient but won’t be as attractive or blend in so well with the surrounding brick buildings and old walls. But, heh, progress….!

It’s been bitterly cold for the past week with a biting cold easterly wind scything through the fleece jackets. But I was heartened to see redwings perched in the trees a few days ago…not brilliant photos but you do see that flash of white round the face and the red underwing colouring. They don’t yet seem to be attacking the berry growing trees in the adjacent roads so there must be enough food around on the ground for them.

We’ve been going up early to fill the feeders and to break the ice, that’s been thickly covering the pond and all water filled containers. Disappointed that there’s been no frogspawn in my pond so far this year, whereas a friend of mine in Alfriston, East Sussex sent a photo of it in her pond a fortnight ago – frogspawn envy..!

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to all – looking forward to days of wine and roses and all that summer may bring, and perhaps a chance to get close to loved ones once again.