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Snowy Monday morning

Date posted: Monday 12th April 2021

Snowy Monday morning

Woke up this Monday morning to a strangely heavy grey sky and snow falling! And it’s auspiciously the first day that shops, hairdressers and hospitality outdoors are allowed to open as a first lockdown relaxation – lots of WhatsApp messages about the prospect of pub lunches with freezing emoji faces…

I went to the plot first thing to see how the feeders were and the robin popped straight down for it’s special ‘Robin and Friends’ feed mix – we reckon we need to take out a second mortgage due to all the bird food (Vine House Farm..) that we get through, mostly enjoyed by the jackdaws, crows and parakeets! But the reed buntings are a regular feature and while I was there the blue tits, great tits, dunnock and robin all appeared, so we persevere with the feeding.

The new incinerator has been installed and it looks fairly efficient, with controlled burning showing no smoke. I’m beginning to think it will take the pressure off the dead hedges that are now heavily over-subscribed. People seem to be lopping huge amounts of branches and culinary herb shrubs and it’s rather sad to see branches of cherry and plum still valiantly flowering on the dead hedge piles, despite having been cut… And there must be folk out there who can’t or won’t read notices, or if they do, feel it doesn’t apply to them, as the invertebrate log pile is now almost invisible. Let’s hope any stag beetles hatching out in there can find their way out…