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New shoots, in the mild midwinter and seasonal greetings

Date posted: Thursday 30th December 2021

New shoots, in the mild midwinter and seasonal greetings

So much rain over the past week or so and now it’s unseasonably mild – 16o today and 17o forecast for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, in flip flops and shorts…? But the mild weather has brought out early spring flowering shoots and the remnants of late summer flowers still holding on. Today in the Bushy Park Woodland Gardens we saw bumble bees on the sweetly scented mahonias.

Yesterday a quick visit to Hampton Court Palace and a walk round the wonderful walled vegetable garden. The mistletoe has been especially abundant this year and on our old apple tree – the one germination success I can brag about; I smeared berries on branches several years ago and now it’s really taken hold!

Yesterday I was privileged to be shown into the generally off-limits beehive area to observe that a few of Jem’s more active bees were venturing out of hives numbers 2 and 4, in order to carry out their ablutions outside the hives – cleanliness is a virtue, especially in a crowded hive!

On the allotments our semi-resident young fox is competing with a new black cat for prey, although he seems to enjoy the occasional suet bits out of bird seed mix!

This is the final blog of the year so I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. And with great hopes for wildlife, biodiversity and the natural environment to flourish, thrive and grow in gardens, allotments, national parks and everywhere we can plant a new tree, protect peat bogs or grow more flowers, flowering shrubs and trees for the birds, the bees and all the wonderful invertebrates that sustain us all!