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Dead Hedge

Date posted: Thursday 1st August 2019

There is now an easy way to dispose of longer prunings and cuttings from your allotment – we have built a new dead hedge frame near the beehive area.

A dead hedge consists of pairs of stakes in a line, with about 3 feet between each pair. Dead organic material is then put inside the stakes for an ‘instant’ hedge. Not only is a dead hedge a quick way to make a barrier and very wildlife friendly, it is a very convenient receptacle for allotment material that would be difficult to compost.

The beehive area is in the south-west corner of the allotments, down the path just to the right of plot 15. Please watch out for netting etc on the plots as you carry your cuttings down the path; you will see the new dead hedge to your right at the end of the path. Don’t go past the wooden gate into the beehive area. And remember that your cuttings should be at least 3 feet long, otherwise they will fall out between the stakes.

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