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Pumpkin Competition 13 September 2020

Date posted: Monday 21st September 2020

Pumpkin Competition 13 September 2020

On a very warm and sunny Sunday morning a small, socially distanced group gathered for the Pumpkin Competition weigh-in and awards presentation. Jem stepped in as judge for Ben Wilkins who wasn’t able to make it at the last moment.

There was one outright winner and a very intriguing entry that was the clear ‘People’s Pumpkin’ winner! Thanks to Julian for helping Jem with the weighing, and to all who attended and helped out, with social distancing observed. This should have been the day of the Autumn Show and the weather was almost as hot as last year – we’re looking forward to a special centenary Show this time next year, fingers crossed!

Pumpkin competition:
1st: Julian Maczko, plot 32f – 38.5K
2nd: David and Jenny Gilbert, plot 30 – 4K
3rd joint: Erica Hedley, plot 32b – 2.5K Tracey, plot 36

Highly Commended:
David Wright, plot 38 – 2.25K
Yasmin Allen, plot 35 – 1.25K

Sunflower Competition
Nick Baylis measured the registered sunflowers ‘in situ’ and provided these results and photos:
1st: Malin Sachs, age 7, plot 62f – 2.790m
2nd: Rufus Storey, 11, plot 95f – 2.310m
3rd: Molly Baxendale Rook, 3, plot 180 – 1.99m

Thanks to Nick for all his Sunflower competition work.

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