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Best Plots 2020 - the winners

Date posted: Wednesday 27th January 2021

Best Plots 2020 - the winners

Covid-19 has put paid to our usual awards ceremony for the best plots in 2020, although we hope that we will be able to have it later this year. In the meantime, here is the list of the winners, with the judges’ comments.

Best Full Plot

1st: Jon Tarlton Plot D
Pretty, well-ordered plot with a lot of variety. Great butternut squash on climbing frame and lovely dahlias.

2nd: Ben Wilkins Plot 101
Well laid out, tidy plot, with good variety of crops. Good tomatoes and very few weeds. Lots of water butts.

3rd: David & Jenny Gilbert Plot 30
Very neat and well organised plot showing good use of space. A good mix of fruit, veg and fruit trees.

Best Half Plot

1st: Olivier Maurin Plot 147b
Packed full with lots of variety. Impressive tomatoes, aubergines and cabbage.

2nd: Mary Downham Plot 67b
Organised, well weeded plot with good use of all space. Lots of variety and good complementary planting.

3rd: Pamela & David Boyd
Very neat plot with raised beds. Great aubergines and lovely leeks. Good weed control.

Best Newcomer

1st: Joanne McKenzie and Ian Fleming Plot 40
Taken on in Oct 2019. Used every inch of space. Well organised neat plot with lots of variety. Impressive achievement in less than a year.

2nd: Stuart Prebble & Samantha Richards Plot 125
Taken on in Jan 2020. Very tidy plot with new frames and raised beds. Nice mix of veg, fruit and flowers.

3rd: Rosey Blackmore Plot 33b
Taken on in Feb 2020. Lots of variety with a mixture of fruit, veg and flowers.

Click here to see a selection of photos from the 2020 Best Plots Awards

Shortlist Committee judges: Anne Wingrove; Christine Knight; Karen Saywell.
Thanks to them and to the Inspections Team, co-ordinated by Karen.

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