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Stuck in the mud - again!

Date posted: Friday 29th January 2021

In the past few months, the muddy conditions have resulted in two incidents where cars skidded off the track onto an allotment, and other incidents where vans have got stuck on the roads and churned them up.

If you have booked a van or lorry to come to the allotments (eg, to remove rubbish from your plot or to deliver manure) please tell them they can only come if the conditions are dry. It is your responsibility to go down and check that the roads are OK. If you drive to the allotments, please don’t drive down if it is too wet – or park outside the allotments. And at all times drive carefully and at less than 5 mph.

We do not want to keep the gates locked when the weather is wet, but if this continues then we may have no alternative. People should not have to put up with cars going onto their plots, and after all the money we have collectively spent we don’t want the roads turned into a quagmire.

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