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Incinerator Vote

Date posted: Friday 12th February 2021

Incinerator Vote

Proburn Midi

Many thanks to all of you who voted on whether or not we should get an incinerator. A total of 158 votes were cast (155 online and three written) and the results are as follows:

  • For an incinerator: 113
  • Against an incinerator: 44
  • Abstentions: 1

We will therefore be getting a new incinerator, the Proburn Midi (photo above). Our plan is to get the site prepared – it will need a firm base and some sort of barrier to keep children, animals and adults away from the hot sides – and then get the incinerator, by which time we hope the weather will have become warmer and drier so it can be delivered safely. But we’re not looking at a long delay and the incinerator should be in place reasonably soon.

If you have organic material from your plot that you are anxious to burn, we suggest that you cover it up now so that it is bone-dry before you use the incinerator. It’s in everyone’s interest to make sure the new incinerator is used correctly.

We would really welcome some help to look after the incinerator and monitor its use. If you are willing to contribute some of your time for this, please send us an email at or drop a note in the letterbox by the gate.

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February 2021

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