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Damage to the incinerator

Date posted: Monday 12th April 2021

Damage to the incinerator

Hasp broken off and burnt

Many of you will know that the new incinerator has arrived. We were following the manufacturer’s instructions by carrying out controlled burnings to get rid of the grease from the manufacturing process and to harden the exterior paint. We were also in the process of buying a protective fence to prevent anyone (especially children) from burning themselves on the hot metal sides. In the meantime, we put a small lock on the incinerator to stop the hatch of the combustion chamber from being opened.

On either Friday evening or Saturday (9th or 10th April), somebody forced the hatch open and broke off one of the metal hasps for attaching the lock. It seems that a load of timber was burned, since there were hundreds of nails and other bits of metal found in the ashes. It also seems that some liquid (probably paint) was burned in the fire. The heat was obviously intense, since the stainless steel chimney flue is now discoloured, the outside paintwork is marked and the inner paintwork is damaged.

We are repairing the damage as best we can and are pressing on with the purchase of the fence. Once the incinerator is safe to use, we will tell you how and when it can be used. In the meantime, please DO NOT use the incinerator. Thanks for your patience – we will get it up and running as soon as possible.

If you were the person(s) using the incinerator, please contact the committee. If anyone else has any information on this, please let the committee know (you can either send an email to or approach a committee member directly). We will treat any communication as confidential.

Plotholders Committee
April 2021

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