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Date posted: Thursday 12th August 2021

There will be a demonstration by Richard, one of our plot holders, of the proper use of the incinerator this Sunday (15th August) at 11 a.m. If you intend to use the incinerator, please come along.

Click here for the instructions from the manufacturer and there are information signs by the incinerator (thanks to Dan) – please read them.

From Thursday 19th August, the incinerator will be unlocked between 9 a.m. on Thursday and 1 p.m. on Saturday. We are initially taking a cautious approach in order to monitor the incinerator’s performance and ensure it is used properly.

Please don’t use the incinerator before 9 a.m., if there is a cricket match in progress, if the café is open, if it is raining, or if air pollution is at a high level.

The incinerator should be used only for dry organic matter from your plot that cannot be composted, put in a dead hedge, immersed in water to make plant feed, etc. No painted or treated wood, planks with nails in, stuff from home, etc. Paper and cardboard can be used to get the fire going, but do not use petrol or other flammable liquids.

We hope in time to be able to leave the incinerator unlocked and rely on the members to use it in line with the defined instructions.

If you see anyone misusing the incinerator, please could you either intervene or report it to us.

Plotholders Committee
August 2021

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