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The Waiting List and You

Date posted: Thursday 12th August 2021

The waiting list now has around 80 people on it, which means that new applicants are facing a wait of possibly four years. If you have been finding it difficult to keep on top of your allotment, for whatever reason, we’d be grateful if you would think about possible alternatives.

If anyone with a full plot wants to downsize to a half plot, the committee would be supportive and, wherever possible, allow a full plot to be divided into two half plots. And if you feel that even a half plot is too much but don’t want to leave the RPA, you would be welcome to join the community plot.

It would make sense for anyone considering these options to come to a decision before rent collection starts in October. Please feel free to contact the committee if you would like to talk about this: send us an email, drop a note in the letterbox or approach a committee member.

Plotholders Committee
August 2021

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