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Incinerator in Use

Date posted: Wednesday 18th August 2021

The incinerator will be unlocked at 9am on Thursday 19th August (unless it is raining or pollution levels are high) and will remain unlocked until 1pm on Saturday 21st. This weekly schedule will be maintained while we gain experience of using it.

When you use the incinerator, please be considerate of any plotholders who are nearby.

Many thanks to Richard, for demonstrating on Sunday how to use the incinerator, and to all the plotholders who attended. We learned a number of things:

• The organic matter to be burned must be dry;
• Do not burn matter with earth on it – this produces a lot of smoke; and
• Do not burn pallets or other treated wood, as the chemicals they are treated with produce noxious fumes.

The incinerator is designed for batch burning: let the load burn right down before reloading.
The incinerator sides get very hot, so for safety reasons, if no-one is waiting to use it, please stand guard until it has cooled down – probably a good half-hour.
Parents, please be aware of the risk. Do not let your children approach the incinerator or roam the allotments unsupervised.

The ash should be cleared regularly from the bottom of the incinerator, to maintain efficient combustion, and dumped (using the shovel provided) in the area to the left of the picket fence. When you arrive with a load to burn, you are responsible for clearing ashes from the previous burn, as they will have had a chance to cool down.

A pair of heavy red gloves will be left by the incinerator: please wear these or equivalent. There will also be a copy of the incinerator instructions, which are available online here. If any user or neighbouring plotholder has any concerns or questions, please send us an email or approach a committee member.

Plotholders Committee
August 2021

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