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AGM – you decide

Date posted: Saturday 9th October 2021

The committee would like to hold an actual AGM this year and quite a few plotholders have said they also want this.

Before going ahead, we want to canvass all tenants to find out the best date and venue, or indeed whether a virtual AGM, like last year, would be preferable.

We want to be confident that if we do have an actual AGM at least 40 plotholders will turn up, as that is the number needed to be quorate.

An important consideration has been to find somewhere big enough so that 40+ people can socially distance and keep as safe as possible – and we felt that the Cricket Club, perfect in normal times, would be too small in COVID times. After a lot of research, this has narrowed our choices down to two: the garden of the Lion pub in Wick Road, Teddington; or the Landmark Arts Centre on the corner of Ferry Road and Kingston Road in Teddington.

The Lion is a 10 minute walk from Hampton Wick and on the route of the 281 and 285 buses along Kingston Road. The pub is willing to allow us to use its garden on Thursday 11th November or Thursday 18th November. There is a permanent covering over most of the garden, plus heaters at intervals, but it could be pretty cold in November and attendees would have to dress warmly. Moreover, if it were raining it could become cramped if 50+ people had to fit under the covered area, although the structure is open at the sides so there will be plenty of ventilation. It would be desirable to start earlier than usual (perhaps 7.30 p.m.) to minimise disturbance to neighbouring houses. The Lion does food and has a good selection of beers, wines etc.

The Landmark is also on the route of the 281 and 285 buses along Kingston Road and around 10 minutes by foot from Teddington Station. We can hold our AGM in the Landmark on Friday 12th November or Friday 26th November, and keep to our traditional 8 p.m. start. As many will know, the Landmark is pretty big so there should be no problem in social distancing. It is of course an inside space but attendees would again be advised to wear warm clothes. A bar service may be available if the Landmark can find enough volunteers. We would have to pay to use the space, but the Landmark has kindly made it available at a greatly discounted rate of £50 an hour (plus any bar profits would go to the Landmark).

So, there are four options: the Lion (garden) on the 11th or 18th and the Landmark on the 12th or 26th. Please could you tick the boxes on the form linked to below to indicate if you could attend (and intend to do so) a particular venue and date. You can tick more than one box.

Conversely, if you feel that we would be better having a virtual AGM along the lines of last year, please tick the virtual AGM box. It would be very helpful if you could reply as soon as possible, and certainly no later than Wednesday October 13th, since both venues need a quick decision from us.

After you vote, you will be returned to this page. Thank you.

If you know of a news story which you think might be of interest to plotholders please send an email to let us know: