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The RPA Seedling Sale

Sunday 16th May, 11am - 12.30pm

With lockdown restrictions being eased the Committee are delighted to be able to offer our plotholders a seedling sale; the sale layout and organisation will be based around Government guidelines and social distancing.

We hope to see you on Sunday. If you fancy coming along, then in addition to observing social distancing please could you:

• Bring plenty of change – £1 coins and 50p pieces – so you can put the right money into our money box;

• Bring your wheelbarrow as no boxes available.

Donations – we would appreciate any spare seedlings you may have and ask that you drop them on Plot 161 on Saturday. If this isn’t convenient then email to make alternative arrangements.

Preloved tools, a selection of preloved tools will be available for purchase, payment by bank transfer rather than cash will be required and a payment slip will be provided at the time of your purchase.

NEW! Click below for a preview of some of the speciality tomato varieties that will be on sale:

Speciality tomatoes and more

Of course we’ll have traditional varieties of tomatoes too, and a selection of: Brassicas, Legumes, Alliums, Flowers and miscellaneous, “Pre-loved” garden tools, and more…

When is it? Sunday the 16th of May between 11.00 am and 12.30 pm.

Where will it be? The sale will be sited in front of the Seed Store cafe in a configuration that will allow for a steady flow of customers. A one way system will be in operation with notices indicating the point of entry, exit and queuing area.

Will there be parking? The whole area between the cafe and compost loo remains car free. There is very limited parking elsewhere.

What can I buy? Our onsite growers have been working hard to bring on their seedlings and the very cold nights have been challenging. That said we anticipate having a good selection of seedlings and young plants. The plants will be sorted and divided up into categories for ease of purchase; categories will include tomatoes, brassicas and so on.

Can I buy refreshments? Refreshments aren’t available on this occasion.

Will you have bags and boxes available? No sorry we won’t have anything at all and we are encouraging customers to bring a wheelbarrow.

How do I pay? This year we will have a final table with a cashier; they will tally up purchases made and take monies. Please bring lots of cash! Payment slips will be available for those that need to settle via internet banking.

What about social distancing? Tables will be set up 2 metres apart and manned by nominated volunteers who will, as far as possible, remain at their table. Volunteers will, where feasible, be wearing masks and gloves.

I usually donate plants for sale, how do I do this? We remain very grateful for all donations and ask that they are clearly labelled and dropped off on Saturday the 15th of May to a designated area on Plot 161 between the hours of 10.00 am and 2.00 pm. If this is not convenient then please email to agree alternative arrangements.

I normally give back the pots, what should I do this year? A designated box will be set up on Plot 161 for pots to be returned.

Anything else I need to know? We do need to emphasise that on this occasion plotholders should not congregate to socialise in the area after buying plants as this sale is “shop and go” rather than a social event.

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th.

If you know of a news story which you think might be of interest to plotholders please send an email to let us know: