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Fledglings alert! Pollinator patch and Bob's poppy

Date posted: Wednesday 10th July 2019

Fledglings alert! Pollinator patch and Bob's poppy

The fledglings are now making their presence felt! I rescued a small young blackbird from a fruit cage – it was obviously weakened and I was able to pick it up carefully and release it. Must put up the notice asking plotholders to check their crop cages on a regular basis to make sure they’re bird free. A large young fluffed up starling was preening itself, with the parent bird small in scale flying in to keep a check on it. And as soon as I arrive at my plot this youngster swoops in to see what morsels I might be unearthing. It flew so close past me the other day when I was pulling weeds it’s wing brushed my hair – still working on it’s aerodynamic skills!

The pollinator friendly bed by the entrance has been looking good – this year the lady’s bedstraw has been abundant and self-seeded annuals, red verbena, honesty and sweet William have been popping up. Surprisingly, no poppies yet, but my plot’s been full of them and this lovely coloured poppy was host to a pollen covered bumble on Bob’s plot.