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Plant Disease Alert

Going abroad this summer?

Then you need to know about Xylella Fastidiosa. This is a KILLER DISEASE affecting a huge number of trees, shrubs, herbs and plants. It is currently sweeping through Europe and has wiped out swathes of olive groves in Italy and herbs in Spain and France as well as other countries. If a plant with Xylella Fastidiosa is discovered, all plants within a 100 metre radius must be destroyed!


What to do in July

Plant out brussels sprouts seedlings

What to do in July

What should you be sowing and planting now?

What crops should be ready for harvesting?

What jobs need doing on your plot?

Find out in our month-by-month calendar of what to do and when.

Watering in drought conditions

Plotholders will have their own strategy for dealing with drought conditions but target watering, heavy mulching and water harvesting from shed roofs are all worth considering.

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Looking after our pumps

Looking after our pumps

The spell of hot, dry weather that we are having means more pump use and sometimes pump failure.

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Pump Problems

A dry spell always results in pump problems. If your favourite pump is not working, please contact the Pump Team directly at

Stag beetles!  Painted ladies!  Flowers!  Bee bums!

Stag beetles! Painted ladies! Flowers! Bee bums!

My nearby plot neighbour emailed – ‘When sorting out netting for my red currants, I found this stag beetle. I took a photo and only then realised that the creature was trapped in the netting. Fortunately I had scissors in my pocket and so could free the beetle.

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Seed Store cafe welcome sign

Seed Store cafe

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and delicious homemade cakes.
Open every Sunday:
11am - 12:30pm

Allotment main entrance - unlocked padlock

Waiting list now open

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Allotment main entrance opening time

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