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Autumn Social and Produce Show

Sunday 24th September 2017

Feed up those pumpkins for the Heaviest Pumpkin Competition – will yours be the winner this year? Will your veg, fruit and flowers entries win a rosette in the Produce Show! And who will win the tastiest homemade jams, chutneys and cakes competitions?

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Tawny Owl nest boxes

Tawny Owl nest boxes

There are now two des res tawny owl nest boxes up in the trees adjoining our site, on the NW side!

On 23 May Matt Steinmann, Royal Parks Arboricultural Officer (with dog, Peg) and Romain Boudot and George Hobson, from ATC (Tree Care and Conservation) came along to install the boxes, coated with three layers of preservative by David Harnden.

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Stag beetle, bees, creative ironwork and Autumn Social!

Stag beetle, bees, creative ironwork and Autumn Social!

It’s been a month of summer holidays and no blog, but now school’s back, Autumn Social’s almost here and the nights are drawing in so back to the blogging board! Great excitement yesterday, as my plot neighbours lifted up a large block of wood that’s been on their plot for several years and discovered a treasure trove of stag beetle larvae!

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"Give us a lift!"

They certainly do! Nothing lifts a website like good photos. Portraits of fellow plotholders proudly displaying their horticultural successes. Inspirational images of nature’s bounty. Or candid shots of the less savoury aspects of allotment life.

Our photo galleries feature all these – and more.

What to do this month

What to do this month

What should you be sowing and planting now?

What crops should be ready for harvesting?

What jobs need doing on your plot?

Find out in our month-by-month calendar of what to do and when.

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